Kenyans wait anxiously for Supreme Court’s election ruling

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Kenyans are waiting nervously for a Supreme Court verdict on petitions contesting the results of the August presidential election on Monday, as weeks of political turmoil awaited them if the vote were to be nullified.
The campaign between incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, a longtime opposition leader who is now supported by the governing party, was very close, with Deputy President William Ruto being proclaimed the winner by a margin of fewer than two percentage points.

Last month, Odinga filed a plea with Kenya’s highest court, stating he had “enough proof” to prove he had won the August 9 election, one of the most costly elections in Africa.

While election day itself was quiet, the results have triggered violent rallies in certain Odinga strongholds and there are concerns that a prolonged debate might worsen economic doldrums and lead to bloodshed in a nation with a history of post-poll instability.

Just as in the presidential election in August 2017 that Odinga also contested, the court will look into any anomalies to see whether they were significant enough to invalidate the election.

Two weeks have gone by while judges go through piles of material to determine whether the electoral commission’s technology complied with “standards of integrity, verifiability, security, and openness.”

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