Man in Kakamega kills brother in fight over Omena

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In Kakamega County, Kenya, the police have detained a guy on suspicion of killing his brother with a blow to the head after a dispute on a portion of fingerlings, also known as Omena.

During the event, the suspect went to the home of his brother, who was 56 years old and lived in the Kambi Elijah village in the Likuyani Constituency.

Albert Adamba and John Kilibwa were eating together at their mother’s home when an argument broke out between them about a share of the delicacy that they were both enjoying.

Their older brother Vincent Misango stated that the two then engaged in a verbal battle with one other, putting themselves against the other. During the struggle to satisfy their ravenous desire, Adamba defeated Kilibwa and knocked him unconscious.

During the course of the battle, Kilibwa incurred injuries, and he was subsequently sent to Turbo Hospital, where he was declared dead upon arrival.

According to Area Assistant Chief Moses Wanjala, the suspect is now being detained at the Likuyani Police Station in anticipation of his arraignment.

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