Latest evidence places Jowie & Jackie Maribe at the center of Monica Kimani murder

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During the trial for the murder of Monica Kimani, the last witness, Chief Investigating Officer Maxwell Otieno, testified that the first accused, Joseph Irungu, was present at the purported crime scene in Lamuria Gardens on the night that Monica was killed.

The witness, who led the court through the things that were gathered throughout the investigations and filed them as evidence, said that Joseph Irungu and Jacque Maribe committed the murder of the 29-year-old Juba-based entrepreneur together in September of 2018.

Officer Otieno claimed in his testimony that the accused was recorded fleeing the site of the murder at Lamuria gardens at 23:35 hours by forensic analysis that was demonstrated in call data. Officer Otieno made this declaration. Jennings Orlando, a friend of Jowie’s, has validated this information:

Jennings met Jowie at 11:40 pm where the accused met him on foot at a petrol station before boarding the vehicle belonging to the 2nd accused person Jacque Maribe.


Joseph Irungu was the last person seen with the murder victim before she passed away, according to reports from witnesses who were present at the scene.

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The witness informed the court that the two accused people offered contradictory statements to investigative teams in regard to the injuries that Joseph Irungu sustained at the residence of Jacque Maribe in Royal Park Estate. The two individuals claimed that Jowie had been assaulted by thugs; however, the investigating authorities discovered that the injuries had been self-inflicted with a handgun belonging to a neighbor.

According to the officer, the two of them were seen together at Club 40 Forty in Westlands practically immediately after the event on September 20th, and stayed there until 4 in the morning.

The next day, Jowie saw his neighbor Brian Kassaine, who questioned the accused individual about why he had requested for anything that may catch fire. The accused then reacted by declaring that he intended to burn something, which he subsequently did outside of their apartment.

Furthermore, the accused said that a buddy was responsible for stabbing someone the night before. During the course of their investigation, the investigating officers conducted a search in a ditch located in front of the accused people’ property. There, they discovered some partly burned materials that resembled a white kanzu.

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During his questioning, the accused, Joseph Irungu, was claimed to have been wearing a white kanzu, a maroon hat, and a grey coat on the night of the murder, according to eyewitnesses including Jennings Orlando, a neighbor of the dead, and the guards at Lamuria Gardens.

According to Officer Otieno, the second accused person, Jacque Maribe, saw the first accused person burn the garments on the night of the event close to her apartment. This occurred on the same night as the incident. In addition, Jacque turned off her phone at around 2225 hours, the period that officer Otieno thinks to be the time of the murder, then turned it back on at 0952 hours on September 20, 2018.

The prosecution presented evidence in the form of exhibits, which included objects that had been gathered over the course of the inquiry. They included a sample taken from the deceased person’s body, the vehicle used by Jacque Maribe, flat A8 at Lamuria Gardens, and Royal Park Estate, which is where the jointly accused resided.

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