80K in Kenya or 200K in Dubai? Kenyans share thoughts on where they would rather work/stay

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Kenyans on Twitter are split between a topic on either to work for Ksh. 80,000 in Kenya or Ksh. 200,000 in Dubai. On average, the monthly expenditure is Dubai is Ksh. 160,000 while in Kenya it is estimated to be Ksh. 60,000 for a single person. So where would you prefer to live and work? In Kenya for a Ksh80,000 salary or in Dubs for Ksh200,000 salary? Below is what Kenyans on Twitter are saying.

What Kenyans are saying

Chris Muiruri: I’ll go for 200k in Dubs but live like a 80K in Kenya guy Hesabu , hesabu.

Kalulu the Galloping Ghost: Dubai all the way, 80k in Kenya with the current economy ni an insult, na apply wapi? Nisha pack up, dubz here I come.

Ibrahim Gitau: The 200k in Dubai is tax free and 80k in Kenya will be taxed to 60k.

TolloTollo: For your information 200K in Dubai is pocket change. I would rather 80K in Kenya anyday. Take if from someone whose living the life.

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Jeremiah Mancha: 80k in Kenya because you’ll be near your motherland brothers and sisters.

Maurice Onyango: 80k in Kenya is far much better I have visited that country I know what I am talking about it is a tourist country damn expensive.

Sir Bonface: If I already have a family in Kenya then I will settle for 80k in Kenya. If am single with nothing to lose I will settle for 200k Dubai.

Walter: I prefer 80k in Kenya because the cost of living is lower in Kenya than in Dubai and I not limited to any thing.

Okweba Ben: No single day am advising anyone to work in the Middle East. Whether as a house girl or in those places you mentioned. Better the 80k in Kenya than the 200k working for an Arab in his home country.

Candy Bill: 80k in Kenya,,Kenya is home and if s@@t happens and i lost that,i will have alternatives backups which will reach me with much ease than being abroad,,there you can end up homeless,depressed and frustrated if you loose the 200k job.

Adalla: I would take 80k in Kenya anytime where is the job I apply. Once you live here you will really appreciate home.

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