How to apply for Green Card in Kenya

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A Green Card is a kind of legal authorization that enables foreign nationals to reside and work indefinitely in the United States of America. Those who have been granted a green card are considered permanent residents.

The process of applying for a Green Card might seem challenging to a great number of Kenyans; hence, many of them choose to enter a lottery for the possibility to win a Green Card instead. There are several sub-types of Green Cards, each of which is reserved for a certain population.

Types of Green Cards

  1. Green Card through Family
  2. Green Card through Employment
  3. Green Card as a Special Immigrant
  4. Green Card through Refugee or Asylee Status
  5. Green Card for Human Trafficking and Crime Victims
  6. Green Card for Victims of Abuse
  7. Green Card through Other Categories (Lottery)
  8. Green Card through Registry

The following is a detailed, step-by-step instruction that will walk you through the process of applying for a Green Card in Kenya through the Diversity Visa Lottery.


  1. The applicant must be a citizen of a nation that is not disqualified from taking part in the Green Card lottery.
  2. The applicant is required to provide evidence that they have completed at least the equivalent of a high school education in the United States. This indicates that you should have finished at least 12 years of formal elementary and secondary education prior to applying for this position.
  3. You also have the option of demonstrating that you have at least two years of work experience within the preceding five years in a career that is acceptable. Professions that need a minimum of two years of education or training are qualified professions.
  4. There is no upper age restriction, however applicants must be at least 16 years old and able to demonstrate that they have finished a minimum of 12 years of official elementary and secondary education to be eligible.
  5. During each fiscal year, the official website of the Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) Program will keep you up to date on the registration window that is open to prospective applicants. This window is only open for a short amount of time.
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Passport size photo.
Certificate of birth or national identification card.
On the website for the Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery, submissions must be submitted digitally in order to be considered.

It is important to keep in mind that submitting duplicate submissions or images that do not adhere to the guidelines will result in the applicant being automatically disqualified.

If your application was successful, you will receive an email from the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) to let you know that an interview has been scheduled for you after you have finished the steps on the Diversity Visa Process on their website. If your application was successful, you will be able to attend the interview.

You will be able to check the date, time, and place of your interview by logging in to the Entrant Status Check on the Electronic Diversity Visa (E-DV) website using the Diversity Visa entry confirmation number that will be sent to you in the email that contains the instructions.

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At the conclusion of your interview for an immigrant visa, the consular official will let you know whether or not your visa application has been granted.

If you have been informed that your visa application was unsuccessful, you may find information on Ineligibilities and Waivers to be helpful.

On the other side, if your visa has been accepted, you will be notified about the procedure that will be followed to deliver you both your passport and your visa.

At this stage, you will have to make a payment to the USCIS in the amount of Ksh. 24,442 (about $220).

It is important to keep in mind that if you want to improve your odds of winning the lottery, you should submit entries for not only yourself but also your spouse and any children who are old enough to do so. This increases your chances of winning, as well as the chances of any of your family members winning, since if any of them wins, they will be able to bring you to the United States as well, provided that they follow the appropriate legal procedures.

The dates for the online registration period for the Diversity Visa program typically fall anywhere between October 1 and November 3-6 each year. However, the dates for the DV-2021 program’s online registration period have not yet been published. The DV-2020 Diversity Visa program is no longer accepting applications as of the year 2020.

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