10 most profitable businesses in Kenya

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Agriculture, commerce, and service provision are the primary pillars that support Kenya’s economy. Small enterprises provide employment for the vast majority of Kenya’s working population. However, this is not the case for all companies since some proprietors lack the necessary expertise and understanding, while others do not have enough capital to expand their operations.

As of 2022, these are Kenya’s most profitable businesses. In East Africa, Kenya serves as a regional commercial centre. You may find endless options for everyone who wants to start their own business and make their mark in the market.

Kenya’s Top 10 Most Profitable Businesses as of 2022

1. Car wash business

If you are good at what you do, the car washing business is a lucrative service sector that may help you make a lot of money. It entails taking care of automobiles, which includes cleaning them to make them seem more appealing and increase their worth when they are later sold.

Because consumers with higher incomes are more prepared to spend more money on their automobiles, car wash firms that provide services such as car detailing have the potential to generate the greatest profit. If you start a car wash, you can anticipate having a healthy customer base since these establishments are common in most communities and cities.

2. Daycare Business

This is without a doubt one of the most lucrative and successful enterprises in all of Kenya. There is an increase in the number of people looking for childcare facilities, particularly in the main cities in Nairobi. If you want to be successful in this industry, you must need to have a strong interest in children. The key to being successful in this endeavor is to provide services that are appealing to the eye and reasonably priced, since this will attract prospective consumers. In order to bring in customers, you will also need to engage in a substantial amount of marketing.

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3. Laundry Business

One of the best types of businesses to set up in Kenya is a laundry establishment. They bring in a good profit and may be rented out almost anywhere, even in poor neighborhoods. You may begin operating a laundry business, such as dry cleaning or washing garments, using whatever equipment you already own, such as a washing machine in your own house.

The fact that most individuals need washing services contributes significantly to the sector’s high level of profitability. After all, filth may accumulate on clothing. The most lucrative laundromats have invested in cutting-edge washing machines that are both quicker and more effective than their predecessors.

4. Selling Second-hand Clothes (Mtumba)

This is a fast-growing business that can be started with a little initial investment and produces profits almost immediately. The garments are available at prominent marketplaces such as Gikomba and other locations. To bring in a lot of money, you need to make sure your prices are reasonable and focus on selling clothing that appeal to a certain demographic.

5. Cosmetics Business

The majority of the company’s revenue comes from the sale of cosmetic items such as nail polish and other products for the skin and hair. You might also provide services related to beauty, such as manicures, pedicures, or cosmetics application. Because the only thing you will need to start this kind of company is a location for it and some cosmetic supplies, the required financial commitment is quite little.

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In metropolitan regions such as Nairobi, Mombasa, or Kisumu, where many people are in a financial position to purchase your services or goods, cosmetics firms tend to thrive.

6. Garbage Collection

This is a very lucrative business opportunity, particularly in metropolitan regions that have inadequate systems for the disposal of trash. You may bring in a significant number of customers if you have effective marketing, particularly in residential regions.

7. Spare-parts Business

If you have some experience repairing automobiles and some expertise, you might start your business in Kenya. It does not need a significant amount of cash since all that is required is a little store or place in which to sell your wares. The most lucrative enterprises in the spare parts industry are those that deal with high-end vehicles like German automobiles, tractors, buses, and trucks. Repairing low-end vehicles such as matatus or small motorbikes is the focus of the less successful enterprises that sell spare parts.

8. Furniture Business

If you are passionate about what you do and have the appropriate skills, starting a furniture company may be highly rewarding. The location of your company and the kinds of goods it manufactures are the factors that actually make a difference. To bring in more consumers, establish yourself as an expert in the production of high-quality things such as chairs, couch sets, and other such products.

9. Travel agency

In Kenya, travel companies are profitable enterprises that are easy to start. The reason for this is because the majority of people have aspirations of visiting breathtaking locations or going to other countries, and in order to fulfill these ambitions, they want the assistance of a travel agency.

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The travel business that works online has the potential to generate the greatest revenue due to the fact that it is possible to market one’s company on social media platforms such as Facebook. If you are able to effectively market your agency, you will communicate with a large number of individuals and generate a significant amount of revenue.

10. Food Business

In Kenya, individuals often eat many times each day, making it difficult for them to make meals at home on a consistent basis. As a result, food sales are attractive enterprises for people to begin since it is relatively easy for them to sell food. They need food delivery services, food that is already prepared and can be purchased at the market, or the ability to consume ready-made meals in restaurants.

If you own a food company, you may immediately increase it by providing delivery services to customers’ homes and selling food products online using social networking websites such as Facebook and Google+. You may also begin by being a street food seller and selling prepared meals in slums and rural regions where people do not have enough money to purchase cooked meals from restaurants. This would be another option for you.