Mixed reaction as Raila refers to Mitumba as “DeadPeopleClothing”

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Kenyans on social media have shared mixed reactions concerning Raila Odinga’s uttarances on Mitumba clothing. Speaking in the launch of the Azimio Manifesto, Raila pointed that his government would do away with the Mitumba industry and promote textile industries within the country. The presidential hopeful added that in his government, Mitumba sellers will sell locally made clothes.

Kenyans on social media have shared mixed reactions on Raila and the Azimio government’s plan. Some have termed the do-away-with-mitumba initiative bold and good for the country while others, moreso Azimio opponents terming it useless and one that would render ‘Hustlers’ jobless.

What Kenyans are saying

Ahmednasir Abdullahi SC : What does Hon Raila and azimio have against poor down trodden 45 million Kenyans? Why do they hate the poor? Why do they see as bad omen to be sons or daughters of poor Kenyans from rural Kenya? Why do they want to criminalise wearing Mitumba?

Lord Abraham Mutai: In the #MyDeadPeopleClothingChallenge Itumbi says that Ruto has bought and clad in Mitumba. In this video below, same William Ruto is promising to BAN Mitumba in favour of LOCAL manufacturing. This level of hypocrisy is UNPARALLELED, poor attempt at dragging Raila through the mud

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Wanasamba The Poet: The moment AYATOLLAH said Mitumba is for the DEAD ,The dead have risen and he is in for a rude shock. #MyDeadPeopleClothingChallenge

David Maina Raila declared he will Destroy Gikomba and the Mitumba sector staffed by a 65% Mt Kenya work force. Martha Karua who has never needed Mitumba can’t understand how unemployed Mt Kenya women will suffer. To her it’s just another Tuesday. #MyDeadPeopleClothingChallenge

Hon Dorcas Mwigereri: A country whose economic state is in a limbo with a huge population being unemployed, we shouldn’t encourage a discussion that will lead to loss of jobs. The Mitumba industry has employed over 2 million Kenyans. I thought you should know. #MyDeadPeopleClothingChallenge

In the just launched manifesto, Azimio promised to touch on 10 agendas once they get into government:

  1. Azimio la Ugatuzi – This includes increasing devolved resources and advancing a “One County, One Product” programme.
  2. Azimio la Jitihada – Manufacturing as the driver of economic revolution is envisaged to spur growth of all sectors of the economy resulting in employment and wealth creation.
  3. Azimio la Kina Mama – The programme will unlock access to financing for women-led businesses and provide support for women on other enabling factors such as access to assets for production, land tenure and proportional representation at all levels of government.
  4. Azimio la Ukulima – To create an enabling environment for climate-smart agriculture, agro-processing, improved livestock farming and growth of the blue economy.
  5. Azimio la Viwanda – The manufacturing sector shall produce input materials like steel, copper, and glass for further processing into finished products, and secondary production of goods like engineering manufacturing machinery, transport and agricultural machinery, tools and implements to be applied in the mechanization and automation of agriculture, livestock, blue economy, mining and processing.
  6. #Inawezekana / Azimio la Wananchi – recognises that whichever administration comes into power, the people remain sovereign and the government is theirs, and there should therefore be continuity and minimal disruption even as priorities are reviewed.
  7. “BabaCare” – Baba Care primarily focuses on social protection and transformation, and secondly upscaling Universal Health Coverage to Universal healthcare. All citizens should enjoy the right to accessible, quality, and affordable healthcare.
  8. Waste not a Single Child – The programme will be an aggressive scheme to ensure that all, not some children, get rightful access to quality education.
  9. Maji kwa Kila Boma – The commitment is to make clean and safe water available to all Kenyans.
  10. Administrative Continuity – Custodians of power must be accountable for the mandate bestowed upon them by the electorate. The cornerstones of this agenda encompass battling corruption, and ensuring efficiency and optimality in Public Service Delivery.
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