How to become a Cooperative Bank agent

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The procedure to become an agent of Cooperative Bank is straightforward, and the approval of your application is contingent on the submission of just a few supporting papers. To become an agent for Cooperative Bank, it is not necessary for you to first open an account with the bank. This is one of the bank’s many attractive features.


  1. Certificate of good conduct (for the individual)
  2. PIN certificate
  3. Bank statements if you are not a Co-op Bank account holder
  4. Business permits for the last 12 months
  5. Current business permit
  6. Certificate of registration
  7. Copy of ID or equivalent
  8. Two passport size photographs
  9. Business owners’ or directors’ CVs
  10. CBK Form 3 & CBK Form 4 witnessed by Commissioner of Oaths

The following extra papers are necessary for corporations and SACCOs:

  1. Audited books of accounts for the last two years
  2. Resolution to carry out agency banking
  3. SASRA approval for FOSA’s
  4. VAT registration (where applicable)
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To enable approval, the following payments must be paid:

  1. CBK application fee – Ksh 1,000
  2. Float placement – Determined by customer limit which is arrived at during appraisal

Getting authorized as an agent might take up to a week after submitting the proper paperwork and paying the application cost.

Visiting a local Cooperative bank office is the best way to learn more about becoming an agency member.

MPESA and agency banking are inseparable. Applying for agency at Equity and Cooperative Bank, two of Kenya’s most popular banks, is a good idea if you have an MPESA.