Ezekiel Mutua begs Kenyans not to unsubscribe @Sautisol Youtube

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Kenya’s maestro music band has been on the receiving end of Kenyans after they threatened to sue Raila’s campaign team for allegedly playing their music without consent in a political rally. The group has since suffered a loss of subscribers as a section of Kenyans felt angered by Sauti Sol’s threat on the presidential aspirant.

The Chief Executive Office for the Copyright Board of Kenya has however come out to defend Sauti Sol begging Kenyans not to unsubscribe from their Youtube.

Unsubscribing from @sautisol YouTube is a juvenile reaction. Rudini haraka. We may have differences but we must not be blinded by politics to the point of hate. Let’s deal with the issues at hand in a civil manner. Sauti Sol remains one of our greatest bands in Kenya’s history.

Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, MBS

What Kenyans had to say

Robert Nyamweya: In Kenya politics makes people emotional Don’t joke ,those boys posed with pride ,we’re unsubscribing Pride comes before a fall.

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KJ JaPap.: Sauti sol must respect fans too. Uf you find them anywhere let them know gengetone was once hit in Kenya but died a painful death.

Muchigiri Wa Wang’ombe.:1. Scratching an already breeding wound that’s an assault to the already mad fans. 2.use of that extravaganza song wasn’t an act of slander or liberal to the band. 3. Rather than seeing it as a public awarenesses of the song @sautisol saw it as public display (copyright Infringe)

Mark Mbiwa: We have the liberty to subscribe and unsubscribe from any channel. By unsubscribing you tell us its a juvenile reaction, so be it…. I encourage anyone to do what’s good for her or him.

Chemoget: You started it all.! Is there no communication channel between you and artistes? Are your members well informed on your role vis a vis their art? If BAHATI was in the know on the copyright excretion on your part then why did he raise the red flag? Is it a case of disjointedness??

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