Pastor in Siaya confesses he killed girl who went missing a few days ago

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“A pastor” has admitted to killing an eight-year-old girl who went missing in Rarieda a few days ago, and police have detained him at the Aram station.
Irate villagers in Rambugu village, West Asembo area, assaulted the residence of the “man of God” from the Roho Maler (Holy Spirit) church after hearing what he supposedly did.

When the child went missing on Sunday, April 11, Mr. Teddy Omondi Odire admitted to killing him.
Mr Omondi allegedly picked up the youngster from a playground and drove her to an unknown location, according to the chief of West Asembo, Wycliffe Odiango.

In the words of Mr Odiango, “the children claimed that the pastor took up the youngster…”

After the event was reported, the pastor reportedly turned off his phone.

After a five-day disappearance, the preacher reappeared. He confirmed to police that he had picked up the girl and was keeping her in Siaya town when he was questioned. As he was being transported to the police station, he confessed to killing her.

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It was only after they brought him to the police station that he urged them to give up on finding the child since he had already killed her. ” To get him to the Siaya police station, we drove him from here,” explained the chief.

To be summoned to appear in court
He was taken to the Aram Police Station and detained there while he was arraigned.

He further alleged that worshipers who tried to stop the mob from torching a residence at the church were also beaten and whipped by the crowd. On top of that, the mob set fire to the pastor’s motorbike.

Investigators were looking into the pastor’s claims that he had slain the young lady.