UK asylum seekers to be sent to Rwanda, €120 million agreement reached

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As part of a £120 million trial, Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, has arrived in the African nation to finalize agreement involving single men arriving in Britain in boats.

The initiative is necessary to “rescue countless lives” from human trafficking, according to prime minister boris johnson

Refugee advocacy groups have denounced the measures as inhumane and called for them to be reevaluated.

The “humane and compassionate” proposal, Mr Johnson maintained in a speech in Kent, was designed to undermine the business model of “vile people smugglers” who transform the seas into a “watery graveyard.”

To make it obvious that the new approach would “over time constitute a very big disincentive,” he said he wanted to make it clear to those arriving on the Kent shore that they were better off via legal routes.
The number of individuals crossing in tiny boats increased from 8,404 in 2020 to 28,526 last year.

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On Wednesday, about 600 people crossed the border, and according to Mr Johnson, that number might rise to 1,000 every day within a few weeks..

Mr Johnson stated that the program would have no upper limit and would apply to everyone who entered the country illegally after January 1 of this year.