Video footage shows police kneeling on black man before shooting him

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A video of a police officer kneeling on the back of a black man before fatally shooting him has been released.

Nine days after Patrick Lyoya was shot and died during a traffic check, police released video from various sources. When Lyoya, 26, tried to flee the scene, there was a violent battle over the officer’s Taser, which was captured on video.

It was predicted that “expressions of shock, of anger, and of pain” would be expressed by the public when the video was released.

 They shot and killed Lyoya on April 4th.
After his automobile was pulled over for a license plate issue, authorities say he got into an altercation with an officer. There have been no further revelations. The shooting is being investigated by state police.

Tuesday night, more than 100 people marched to Community Hall in Grand Rapids in protest of the lack of justice and peace in the city.

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On Tuesday, Eric Winstrom, the new police chief who took over on March 7, stated that his decision to make the footage public on Wednesday had been made prior to the demonstration.

“There are horrific pictures and severe language in this film, and as a result, there have been deaths. “Viewer discretion is advised,” warned Winstrom, a former Chicago police officer of considerable stature. He promised to “give context to the footage” and explain the next steps.

When Winstrom met Lyoya’s father, Peter Lyoya, he said they both wept, according to a report last week.