Singer Sarah K and hubby celebrate 30 years in marriage

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Sarah K., a gospel pastor, and her reverend husband are commemorating their 30th year of marriage this month.

They celebrated 30 years of marriage by declaring that God had been good to them throughout this time.

Sarah K went on to say how grateful she was that her spouse was always there for her.

“The time that we have had together Has been wonderful more than said words. Our lives together has moved forward since we got married. You are very understanding, gentle, kind and loving. Thank you for always being by my side.Thank you Darling for being My Husband. l love you more. HAPPY 30TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. I wedded my husband in 1992, by the Grace of God, He covers us with his glory. It is not that we don’t have our weak point, it has not been perfect when you are fully in God, he works everything perfect and you are able to keep on going. I am happy that my marriage has stood up to this time. My husband is well he is an Anglican pastor.”

Sarah K

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