#NdindiHaweziNinii : Moses Kuria accuses Ndindi Nyoro of inability to “rise to the occasion”

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Political aspirant Moses Kuria has been on the spotlight for his defamatory statement against Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro. According to a screenshot doing rounds on social media, it is alleged that Kuria accused Ndindi Nyoro of being unable to ‘rise to the occassion’. In the statement, Kuria alleged that the Kiharu lawmaker is suffering from a condition that is rendering him inactive.

Today I put my good friend Ndindi Nyoro in prayers as he struggles with azoospermia and varicoles – infertility condition. During my hospitalization, Ndindi stood with me and paid me a visit in Dubai where I underwent several surgeries. Having spoken to a mutual friend who works for Cytonn and understood the grave situation, I sympathize with him and regret any past confrontations that could have been injuries to him, his family and Kiharu constituency at large.

Moses Kuria

What Kenyans are saying

Owish@PinkPantherKE says: Honestly,I can feel it for him! He is actually going through a lot right now and I believe based on this,his marriage is at stake!

MzeeMzima.@Mzeemzima001 says: This was so low from a learned from the UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI. Moses Kuria Shaming Ndindi Nyoro on his personal life is uncouth.

Owish@PinkPantherKE says: Imagine yourself in the shoes of Ndindi Nyoro! I can actually feel it for him! Having power but not the power to produce your own offspring is really traumatizing! #NdindiHaweziNinii

Elvis@NaiBoiofficial says: If he supports you during your hard times, take him as a brother, take his advice too, mk is a brother to Ndindi for the favour.

Michael@_homiad says: MK has a good connection with Nyoro. I’m certain he’s saying the truth #NdindiHaweziNinii