Sarah Kabu reveals Ben 10s are pursuing her so badly

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Sarah Kabu claims that after she declared she was no longer married, her Instagram has been inundated with messages from young guys making advances toward her.

“I was not raised to be dependent on a guy,” Sarah told Christina Lewis of The Voice Of East Africa, “and I cannot lower myself to be in Ben 10 partnerships.”
“Oh my god, my email is overflowing! Why would I start raising a man of my own age by handing him money and my credit card? The fact that my mother did not educate me to be dependent on a guy is something I am grateful for. She taught me the value of hard work and sacrifice “she remarked.

While Sarah was discussing the subject of slay queens, they were distracting her.
“A world without slay queens would be ideal for me because they keep me awake at night.”

Sarah insists she has remained faithful to Kabu throughout their marriage and that they will remain friends even if they divorce.

“As long as you’re friends, it’s difficult to let go of a friendship, even if you’ve become partners in crime. It’s a journey, not a destination. I’ve remained faithful even after our separation. When I’m around another person, I find it awkward. We’ve been dealing with issues for what feels like a decade, and we’ve resolved them numerous times “she remarked.

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