Britney Spears announces she is pregnant with her third child

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Britney Spears has declared that she is pregnant, months after escaping a legal agreement that granted her father power over many elements of her life.

The singer told her 40 million Instagram followers she was having a baby with partner Sam Asghari.

As a mother of two teenagers, the 40-year-old has disclosed that she struggled from depression while pregnant with the first of her two sons.

She told a judge in June of last year that she couldn’t marry or get rid of her birth control because of her conservatorship.

Asghari, a 28-year-old personal trainer, has previously stated that she would like to start a family with her.

In 2008, her father put up a sort of legal guardianship called as a conservatorship, which meant she couldn’t make her own decisions about her medical treatment.

Spears argued in court last year that the legal arrangement included power over her reproductive health when she spoke against the conservatorship.

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Because they don’t want her to have children, the “so-called team” won’t allow her to see a doctor and remove her IUD, she added.

Because of this conservatorship, I’m actually causing myself more harm than good.

Her final words: “I would like to be able to get married and have a child.”
Right now, in the conservatorship, I’ve been advised that I’m not allowed to marry and have a child.”

For the sake of avoiding reporters, Spears announced on Monday via Instagram that she “won’t be going out as much.”

She also stated that the pregnancy would be “difficult” because she had previously suffered from perinatal depression, which is the medical name for depression that occurs during and after childbirth.

Because “some people felt it harmful for a woman to complain like way with a baby inside her,” it wasn’t discussed much in the past, she claimed.

She also said she was grateful that she no longer had the obligation to hide the pain of her divorce from Kevin Federline, whom she has two children with.

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