TikTok woman who dances for hubby when he gets home reveals she is a prison officer

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In Tiktok’s infinite universe, anything and everyone can happen.
Even in a world where a village girl from Homa Bay County may compete with Kylie Jenner for Likes and even a chance to go viral, the only social media tool that has fully leveled the traditionally Brahminical online society is TikTok.

Mwika16 is an Instagram user with more than 60k followers and over 330k likes who lives in an ideal world where she is known as a prison officer, performer, loving wife and mother.

This is @mwika16’s signature act – she dances to her husband as her hubby gyrates in a glistening, satisfied pose next to her.

Her husband returns from work to find his wife, @mwika16, dressed in a little floral dress, ready to break into an immediate dance; she cavorts, kicks in the air, dances around and twirls her besotted husband as their son joins in the celebration.

When @mwika16 dances to Maxi Khoisan’s viral song “Hellow My Baby,” her husband can’t help but laugh and be a little perplexed.

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The viral video now sits at over 4.4 million views and 211.6 Likes with her following count also soaring to around 70,000 Followers.

‘Natamani’ by Young Blood Kamotho is just another example of the unlikely Tiktok sensation embracing her hubby as they dottily dance together. There is an undeniable sense of adoration, enthusiasm, and happiness between the two of them.

Currently, the video has more than 1.6 million views and more than 56,000 likes on Facebook.

Many videos of @mwika16 dancing with or frolicking to her hyptonized husband clutter her Tiktok timeline.

Many additional videos show her in her jail uniform, but one thing is clear: she loves to mime along to her favorite songs.

The magnificent Tiktok star’s unbreakable love for doing random, zestful jigs for herself and her hubby will not be broken no matter how difficult the day, the assignments or the week has been.