Maguire shines at Manchester United as the King of own goals

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Manchester United defender and captain, Harry Maguire has been on the receiving end of Manchester United fans after he scored another own goal to give Everton FC a lead. Maguire has been involved in several own goals which has made him receive a lot of backlash and criticism from the supporters.

Manchester United fans angry and tired

GoatSZN@UTDxGoat says: Can we all agree that Harry Maguire is the worst signing in the history of the game.

hey yo@wingmidbaer says: “We’ve won 2 games in 12, we’re a point above the relegation zone with a dreadful list of upcoming fixtures. We have you as manager. We are surely doing down since we can’t buy a win!” Lampard: “That’s where Harry Maguire comes in”

JEY @mmoaNkoaa says: Imagine having such sad ball knowledge to blame that goal on Maguire. What were you expecting him to do?

Tari SlimTee@MrTariSlim says: The only difference between Lukaku & Maguire this season is:- Lukaku plays as a defender upfront while Maguire plays as a striker at the back. Gea: “How many times do l have to tell you that you are Harry Maguire, not Harry Kane.”

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