Relationship: I am dating a married man and he wants to marry me. Should I say yes?

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Hello, my name is ###, I have been single for some time until I met this particular guy. We fell in love and I got attached. I came to learn later that the guy is married, but the love had become so strong I wouldn’t want to lose him. Recently, he told me that he wanted to marry me. I am just confused. Should I say yes or I should maintain my position as his side chic? Please help.

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What people are saying

Chima Clement says: You are already dating him, so what is the difference? Go on!

Monday Okpan says: Your choice is as better as mine.Some young girls like married men because of the wealth they have and what they want to benefit from him. Polygamy has its pros and cons. I don’t know why you are interested in married people when many single boys are there. You want to break down the heart of another woman. I don’t know what you want. The choice is yours and be ready to take whatever you see from it.

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Bertrand Awah says: You are on your way to destruction. I advise you my dear to immediately quit that relationship. You are dealing with somebody’s husband and the lord God detest that. You have to repent and ask God for forgiveness for you are into fornication and the man is committing adultery as well.

Helena Baah says: Hello, sometimes I don’t understand some of you. If your husband marries another woman that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you or you should see the other woman as your enemy. Just make your man happy, give him peace of mind, respect him and he will always be with you without going out there but if not, just leave him alone to find his peace.

Lorna Aseyo says: Dear sister marriage is a very complicated thing. Just sit down and ask yourself what you want. Just the same way he is going to leave his wife is the same way he will leave you.

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Nkain Delly says: What advice do you want to hear home wrecker. Remember what goes around comes around. I used to pray to God to make all those women dating and destroying peoples homes to punish them severely.

My take on this

Dating married men has become very common in our world today. However one thing you need to be aware, your married boyfriend is cheating on his wife for you. You can never trust him as shortly he may cheat on you with someone else. If he is lying to his wife you cannot be sure that he will be honest with you. You can never expect trust from a cheater. Just marry him if you want to be played.