Man painfully recounts how he took girl to Dusit and she ordered food worth Ksh19,600

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A Kisii man has painfully recounted how he took his girl to a date in Dusit and she ordered food worth Ksh19,600. The twitter user only referred to as Eng. Mokogoti said that the lady in question had ordered food which he had never heard of. When the bill was brought, it was a shock on him as it added up to Ksh19,600.

What hurt the man most is how his lady only ate a small portion of the food leaving the rest as left-overs.

5 years ago today. I took a girl for a date at Dusit. She ordered food with names a Kisii boy had never heard of .Touched it twice and declared she was full. Ordered a bottle of wine and gobbled it all down. Kshs 19,600 came the bill. It was a sad dark day in my Life.

Eng. Mokogoti

Other tweeps took to his comment section to share their experiences on the same issue.

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What other people say

Love Nature.@RalphSungu says: Friend calls me,has funeral & needs to travel but is broke.She wants help. As we catch up,says she is hungry.Goes ahead & orders full chicken plus accompaniments,2400/-. I decide to drink my Smirnoff. She orders Jack Daniel half,2600/-.You don’t have fare and you are gobbling 5k.

Geoffrey Mongare@OmogusiiJeuri says: Luckily sometimes back I took a girl out and she ordered chips kuku later we went for drinks and she ordered Guarana as I took Konyagi after after three cans she was out and begging we go to my place the rest is history.

Clifford Moseme@to_Clive says: I also took a lady in a local hotel, I bought her food worthy 150 and she only tasted it. I looked for means to get my money back. Mimi so baba yake bro iliniuma.

Godfrey Augo@godfrey_augo says: Afadhali wewe dusit,last weekend took one to @blackpearl kisumu main bar amarula moja 4k na mimi nakunywa delmonte karibu ni faint.

Njonjo Ndehi @njonjo_ndehi says: During my 20s I’d cancel orders and walk away. Now I have 3 debt-free houses in Nairobi.

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