Legalize or criminalize abortion? Kenyans share thoughts on free access to abortion services

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Abortion has been prohibited with the exception of certain circumstances including danger to the life and health of the expectant mother, and rape. A section of Kenyans however have over time argued that abortion should be legalized and access to the service made easier in order to curb the high abortion complication fatality rate. According to a report the World Health Organization (WHO), Kenya experiences 266 deaths per 100,000 abortions. What can the Kenyan government do to reduce the fatality rates? Kenyans share their opinion on whether or not abortion services should be accessed freely by women and girls.

Should abortion be legalized or criminalized?

Rasputin@2ndLieutenantt says: Safe abortions should be legalized. ‘We’ (not once) had to remove a uterus and some intestines of a 19 yrs old only child in a family due to a backdoor septic abortion/MVA.We lost many. Fact is, abortions are still being done in large numbers, just make them safe by legalization.

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Donald Bett@Donald_K_Bett says: We should deal with what we consume first and a healthy lifestyle before mortalities associated with pregnancies. The pandemic taught us this but it seems we are not yet ready to learn from its effect.

@kamoh_james@kamoh_james says: Would you be ok with your 18 year old daughter getting pregnant and terminating the pregnancy? Unprotected sex~ STS Abortion~ risk of barrenness.
Pingache Moses@pingache says: Why should it be free? Why should Kenya taxpayers be punished? Acha upuzi. If she wants an abortion let her pay for it out of her own pockets. The rest of us believe in the sanctity of life from womb to tomb and want nothing to do with abortions.

@Jay Ng@james4jchrist says: Think of this ;” If the doctors carrying out the abortion services were aborted, who would be carrying it out?”. Abortion should only occur when the mother is in danger. “Better water spilled than the pot broken” – China Achebe.

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CEDRIC@Cedric_SNR says: NO! NO! NO! Women should AVOID UNPROTECTED sex by all means.

Otare Ouko@OtareOuko says: Many women die while trying to procure abortion from quacks. If it’s legalized and regulated, we’ll see fewer deaths… Choice has to be made available to all women from all backgrounds. I’m pro choice and a supporter of safe abortions. No apologies.

wendynyoiro@NyoiroWendy says: The same men who abandon women with pregnancies, who don’t cater for their kids needs, the same men who serve their kids with absence, are the same men condemning this.
Samuel Simiyu@sims_simiyu says: Different types of abortions: spontaneous or induced. Induced be due to medical reasons or clandestine(back street). Most abortions are spontaneous and their services are legally available in any hospital. Not all abortions lead to loss of the baby. Abortion=miscarriage.

Credits: Abraham Mutai, Twitter.

What is your take? Should the government legalize or criminalize abortion?