Video: Marriage proposal goes horribly wrong in Nairobi CBD, girl says no

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A gentleman and his girl have been talk of town after the guy was caught on camera proposing to his girl. The man, in the video is seen playing guitar for his girlfriend and singing in preparation for what would have been the best romantic affair. Shock descended on him when he went down on his knees asking for his girl’s hand who moved steps behind, looking so disinterested in the proposal.

Kenyans have taken to the internet, some condemning the lady and others condemning the guy calling him a simp. According to a section of Kenyan men, a real man should not propose to his girl in public. Another section of the men believe that in this age and era, a man should only propose to a woman he’s had babies with, otherwise the rest will always disappoint.

What Kenyans are saying

Uhondo Kenya: As a man you should only propose to your woman when she’s already pregnant for you. That way they will not deny your proposal! Women are always afraid of becoming single mother’s.

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Elvies Kclinton: Serves him right Mr Simpson Kinuthia Kafukuswi. The only recognized way of proposing is making her pregnant then letting her decide whether she will be your wife or a single mother. Second never marry or propose to someone you love rather propose to that lady who loves you, wale unapenda hawaezi kukupenda. This guy should receive Andrew Kibes whips and write a written apology to Amerix. People take the teachings to be stupid only to find themselves in such embarrassments.

Kijana Larry: There are more than enough flowers my good friend. Get up, wipe your tears & find yourself a suitable one. Your life is more important than a mere rejection. You’ll heal & be well like never before.

Otieno Caroline: This is Africa my friend, your boo is another person’s boo and the chain continues, maybe she has 3 boyfriends,2mubabas she is still collecting cash from and other crushes,,, can you imagine how long it’s gonna take for her to detach from all those.

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Baetfl Milan: Who born that lady called Irene surely… Mtu huchukua to protect his ego hata kama hutaki unamrudishia mkiwa pekee yenu. When did people stopped being humans. That guy will forever be tortured with that single act.

Kiarie King: The luckiest guy this year, that was a confirmation he is not the only one in her “hit list”.Secondly NEVER propose when on one knee, you will live kneeling on BOTH knees to keep her.Atleast he suffered the embarrassment but saved his future.

Dave Mwaura: Men,It’s not worth it. The drama, silly romance and all that one-knee crap. It’s a Western thing, not ours.Date in private. Kihehere ya Netflix isikufanye uanze highlights Kwa streets.Sisi tutakua tu hapo kando yako with our “Aiyayaya”, “Iza bro”, “Ni life” kikiumana