Richard Ngatia KEMSA scandal making it easier for Sakaja to be Nairobi Governor

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Richard Ngatia has found himself in the middle of scandals with KEMSA. Ngatia who was mentioned as being at the center of a 63 Billion KEMSA scandal found himself in trouble with Kenyans who are questioning his integrity to run for Nairobi County governor’s seat.

The scandals are however proving to be a through pass into the governor’s seat for Johnson Sakaja. Sakaja, regardless of his political affiliation, has managed to maintain ground and stayed away from controversy which would disqualify him from vying for the seat. Is it time for Sakaja to be governor?

What Kenyans are saying

Don ραρι:•@empiremike__: A damming report by the Senate says Megascope Healthcare Ltd — a firm associated with Richard Ngatia – is at the centre of the Sh63 billion Covid-19 medical kits scandal. #RichardNgatiaExposed

Mwalimu Mkuu@mr_nyalifA: The people of Nairobi are tired of cartels who are the reasons why we are struggling economically #RichardNgatiaExposed

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Frekoh WA@FrekohWa: This group of criminals preen with pride at being called corrupt and ruthless, while meeting regularly at Galileo Lounge, from whence they show the rest of Kenya the proverbial middle finger while sipping their expensive whiskeys! #RichardNgatiaExposed

🆁🅸🆂🅴🆁 🅺🅴@nduta_ke_: #RichardNgatiaExposed so Richard Ngatia has been a mole for years. He should be stopped from Azimio La Umoja, we don’t need crooks.

🆁🅸🆂🅴🆁 🅺🅴@nduta_ke_: Today, Nairobians, I would like us to have a candid discussion. What kind of Governor do you need? Are you going to close your eyes and elect another known cartel? Kwelikweli? . The man calling himself the reincarnation of Martin Luther King is a thief #RichardNgatiaExposed