Moses Kuria in tears after Janet Mbugua refuses to be his running mate

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Chama Cha Kazi’s Moses Kuria is a sad man after media personality, Janet Mbugua turned down his request to deputize him as Kiambu county governor in the coming general elections. Moses Kuria says he had called for applications where grilling was done and Janet emerged best fit for the position. Janet later changed her mind and had herself excused from the position due to personal reasons.

Moses Kuria

I am shattered. After scoring the highest marks in the talent search for Kiambu Deputy Governor, Janet Mbugua will not be taking up the job due to unforeseen personal emergencies that she has to attend to in the immediate term. My administration will definitely find a way to benefit from Janet’s experience and capacity in the future. I feel the loss. Janet is a huge inspiration for the youth, for professionals, for women and for young mothers of this country

Moses Kuria

Kenyans on social media have gone online to express what they feel concerning the incident. A section of Kenyans have lauded Janet for the bold move, criticizing Moses Kuria while others felt sorry for the lawmaker.

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What Kenyans are saying

Mwihaki Hegel Fredrick: My simple advise , Janet Mbugua is a brilliant , eloquent and talented lady. The content in her CRANIUM is superb. What she was avoiding is a catastrophe. You are a disaster. An embarrassment in human form. Your CHAUVINISTIC , NARCISSISTIC and MISOGYNISTIC attitude is what made Janet to flee and turn down your offer for that job.

Laban Njoroge: Sometimes its a matter of commonsense,which woman of moral integrity would accept to deputize a man who calls his elders “kihii”,who mock’s and verbally insults a sitting head of state who is also his neighbor, who bites the hands that had for long fed him,?,you are an ungrateful man who don’t have any iota of respect to anybody?, ..I mean Janet Mbugua’s conscience won’t allow her to come near you!…Sometimes life is not only about money,its more than money!

Charles Thuo Gatwechi: A good decision by Janet. Some associations will just taint your image. They say birds of a feather flock together, Janet has decorum and self respect, which you lack.

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James Wachira: What Moses is slow to understand is: As of now,His Politics of intrigues ,ingratiation & backstabbing has isolated him from conservatives & liberals.The likes & cheers he gets is tantamount to the cheers a Cow or Sheep gets as enticements to lure her to a Slaughterhouse (abattoir).Just as IGATHE resigned from Nrb Deputy Governor position to avoid Governor SONKO’s antagonistic style,so also,JANET MBUGUA cannot withstand Moses’ unbecoming habit of Profiling,Stereotyping, insulting individuals & communities.Just like Biblical Samson Suicide in full glare of Multitudes, its good to keep distance from Moses’ & watch as He commits Political suicide.WHAT A SPECTACLE IT WILL BE….only Rivaled by Napoleon Bonaparte’s Waterloo.

Mau Mau: Any serious woman in life can never associate herself with leadership of Moses now you wake up one day and tell her to hung herself with thuruhari Yake!

Ole Toto: She must have turned down the offer due to your vulgarity and lack of sense in your campaigning.

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