Kenyans demand arrest of woman who murdered friend’s baby

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Maureen Njoki, a Kenyan lady living and working in Saudi Arabia is a sad woman after a close friend who she trusted to take care of her two children, molested them killing her younger son. Phyllis Njeri, the killer woman had agreed to take care of Maureen’s two children at a fee of thirteen thousand Kenyan Shillings every month. According to a report released on the Lynn Ngugi Show, Phyllis and her boyfriend only identified as Jack beat up the boys leaving them with severe injuries which later led to the death of baby David. The report indicated that Phyllis and her boyfriend smashed baby David on the wall severally as his brother watched helplessly. When Peter, the elder son, reported the matter to the caretaker, the caretaker told Peter to go inside and clean blood that had stained on the floor and wall. Baby David was then admitted at Mama Lucy Hospital where he succumbed to the severe injuries.

Kenyans have since taken to social media to demand for justice as it has been weeks and the killer woman, Phyllis Njeri and her boyfriend Jack are yet to be arrested and arraigned in court.

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Kenyans express their anger and call for justice

Kevin Kiugi™@kevin_kiugi says: My heart is heavy #justiceforbabydavid no one should go through what the child went through. May the Almighty console the family at this moment and may justice prevail. Such a vile act, where did humanity go. May the responsible people be brought to book! #justiceforbabydavid

Jepchirchir.@leekybungei says: That’s one story I listen to and my heart sank. Why kill an innocent child? Why accept to take Care of children you know very well you can’t Why Why from the Care taker to Mama Lucy hospital there is so much that to be answered We pray for justice #justiceforbabydavid

Mauryn Mwangi@MaurynMwangi2 says: this story is literally devastating, the trauma he left david’s older brother is beyond repair…his small brother was killed infront of his eyes and couldn’t do a thing…the scars he has on his back will always remind him of that day #justiceforbabydavid

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MUGO WA KANYIRI@kanyiris06 says: #justiceforbabydavid As a father of two boys I know the pain. I think the safest person to leave your kids with is your brother,sister or parents vampires exists in this world and the devil too calls shots @DCI_Kenya we need justice for poor soul.

Beata mbutei@beatambutei says: Have watched Njoki’s story on Lynn Ngugi’s channel and honestly my heart is broken … Damn, some girls go through so much in this life… I pray you find peace and justice for your son. #justiceforbabydavid
PoorBilionnaire@poorBilionnaire says: I’ve always doubted these women with pierced nose and fake teeth. Women should stop running away from these incident and condemn it strongly the way they do with men. #justiceforbabydavid

official MLUHYA@arnold_obHumanity is on its downfall here on earth, people are cruel and whose hands are we safe?? Lets get that justice for David.

Josphin_nan@josphin_desmond says: This was so inhumane,how on earth could someone do such a despicable act. As a mother it really pains me to the root core. Let justice prevail and may God see the Mom and Dad through this #justiceforbabydavid

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Maureen Njoki

Maureen Njoki, the mother of two, is a total orphan who had moved to Saudi Arabia to find a way and provide for the her two children. She decided to leave her children with her friend after she disagreed with her grandmother who had been taking care of them. Kenyans have teamed up to demand for #JusticeForBabyDavid on Twitter and all other social platforms.