Relationship: Help! My husband brings a girl to our home and they sleep on our matrimonial bed

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Hello, my name is ###, few months ago, I found out that my husband brings a girl to our matrimonial home, they make love on our matrimonial bed, she ties my wrapper and cooks in my kitchen. The love I had for my husband is decreasing and I hate him each time I remember it, although he has apologize and warned the girl not to call him or come close to our house which I instructed him to do before I forgive him. I am a student and we have a 7months old baby, I didn’t know my husband was a flirt all these while because he never hid anything from me. He even used to leave his phone open and I never suspected anything until a day my neighbor told me. I couldn’t believe my ears. I was so devastated I couldn’t bear it and I went to my mother’s house. He came pleading and making promises never to try it again, I felt disrespected and devalued as a woman ever since, I have lost the trust I had for him and always suspect him. How can I get this trust back please?

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What people say

Chin Rita says: So far as you continue to sleep on that bed,you will hardly forget.In such situation you will think that you have forgotten but it will always come to your mind.The only solution is to forgive and pray.

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Joy Onuorah says: My sis the first thing is to forgive him from your heart,as you said he can not hide anything from you, you just thank God he apologized showing it was a mistake, what of those men that are doing it every time and their wives are still loving them. Please bring back your love for him okay.

Loveth Amadi says: Don’t listen to people gossip about u and ur husband. That woman who told u that , might be the one who set your husband up. Just To bring separation between you and your husband. Immediately too she will enter. Be careful of what u hear. Finally please find it in your heart and forgive your husband okay.

Immanuel Akpan says: Two things you have to do (1) forgiveness (2) use a forgiving heart and pray for God to pull him out otherwise this is going to ruin your home (seduces spirit) for a man allow a strange woman into his matrimonial bed is not ordinary. Pray hard.

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Idibia Idibia says: My dear the reality of life is that to err is human to forgive is divine , the man must have deliberately did it ,but what is important is that he has asked for forgiveness , change is the only thing that is constant , to forgive because we also need forgiveness.

Robby Nekesa says: You are not alone in this matter,my sister take care of your child and pray to God to give you power to stay strong because nowadays people don’t respect their marriage, especially men of today loose the moon while busy counting the stars.

My take on this

Cheating is one of the major causes of family break ups all over world. Both men and women alike find it so easy to cheat on their partners thinking that nothing would happen to them anyway. What they don’t know is that, their actions would be hurting someone and putting their marriage at risk as well.

In the case above, the husband to the woman has cheated, she has forgiven him but finding it hard to trust him again. Now, if you decide that you are forgiving someone for the wrongs they did, then you should try and ensure that you’ve gotten over the issue and things are back to normal again.

For the affected lady to regain trust on her husband again, here are some of the things she has to do.

  • She should not ignore whatever happened. Ignoring the issue will hold the emotions at heart which will always pop up to distract any time she starts trusting.
  • Go get counseling. Therapy is the best way to complete healing. The lady should see a marriage counselor for advice on how to deal with the situation and overcome easily.
  • Communicate with your partner. Many couples cut communication with their partners when issues arise. Constant communication in marriage leads is effective for problem solving.
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