Relationship: My wife brings her brothers to beat me every time we have a misunderstanding, what should I do?

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Hello, my name is ###, I have been married to my wife for more than 6 years now. We have been happily togehter but one thing is disturbing me. Everytime my wife and I have a misunderstanding, she demands for fare for her three brothers who stay in Nakuru to come and beat me. They beat me and still demand for fare back to Nakuru which I provide. What can I do? I am suffering and also spending a lot. Should I move to Nakuru?

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What people say

Francis Adjei says: Going phisical is not welcome in a relationship, please seek counsel or report her to the police.

Peter Koskei says: Your wife’s brothers three of them have been beating you,and you have been giving them fare,how can you do that? Take action report at the police and be issued with a p3 form.

Rubyleon Ruby says: How do you cry man? Do they allow you to defend your self? Do your children see how Baba is being beaten,do you tell them bye after.

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Monday Igein says: You are not in marriage but slavery. Pray to deliver you from slavery.

Disang Joel Oagile says: If you don’t have kids with her leave her to her brothers to marry her, and or do not misunderstand her,let her win, be quiet just to save it for the kids.

Anthonia Chizoba says: Don’t u have family or elders in your community? Report the issue with them,so that they will settle the issue then you too put it in prayers.

My take on this

Domestic violence is a violent and aggressive behavior within a home. A healthy marriage should have no place for domestic violence. If your spouse displays any sort of violence, ranging from control, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, isolation, verbal abuse, or economic abuse, never take it lightly. Domestic violence starts small and keeps growing, what your spouse will do to abuse you today will be bigger tomorrow. And it will keep growing until it gets to uncontrollable levels. Therefore in case of domestic violence, treat it with seriousness and involve concerned authorities for immediate action.

For the case above, brother-in-laws beating you is an extreme red flag. You have not enough time to think of what you should do next. Just for the sake of your life, go report the matter to the police, pack your things and move to a secret place to let the law take its course. Moving to Nakuru to avoid overspending is insane. Think man! It is your life.

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