“Jameni mnaiba hata kondiko zimeandikwa ‘not for sale?” Kenyans enraged as 1.1 Million condoms are stolen

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A report doing rounds on social media indicates that KEMSA (Kenya Medical Supplies Authority) is yet into another multi-billion scandle. According to the report, the organization has lost 908,000 mosquito nets, 1.1 million condoms and tuberclosis drugs worth Ksh10 million from its warehouse. Kenyans have since taken to social media to express their disappointment, and condemn the organization for what they have termed as irresponsibility and inside workings.

What Kenyans say

Sewe Saldanha@SeweS_ says: I don’t know why Kenyans believe that Police is the most corrupt section of our country. Have you guys ever heard of MoH and its line agencies? KEMSA is in the news again.

Bianca@MumbiMbui says: My questions are: 1. As we speak, what is the KEMSA board doing in office? 2. Jameni, mnaiba ata kondiko zimeandikwa “NOT FOR SALE?” 3. Hii KEMSA, is it Uhuru’s only conduit to steal funds from? 4. Mtasema ni Ruto pia? 5. Which Uhuru’s relative has deals with KEMSA?

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Sir-Rap-A-Lot@Osama_otero says: The other time there was shortage of condoms and ARVs in the country. Right now condoms and other drugs are being stollen from KEMSA. It is getting darker everyday.

BRAVIN YURI@BravinYuri says: Over 1 million Condoms just disappeared in KEMSA. Someone has really been fu***ng us so hard. No wonder the economy is the way it is.

Kariuki Makenye@shujaamagawa says: It does seem like every corruption scandal must have 2 seasons. We had NYS 1 & 2 and now KEMSA 1&2.

The Lagaless@Lagaless says: Most likely the stolen condoms 1. Was sold to a neighbouring country 2. Is being held in a secret warehouse to be resupplied to KEMSA when a new tender arises. 3. Was not supplied, but money was paid. The quotation is as per the tender.

Previous KEMSA scandal

KEMSA was in the recent past on the spot again over Corona Virus funds that disappeared into thin air. The amount was estimated to be Ksh1.6 billion and it allegedly ended in some people’s pockets. The funds were acquired as grants to aid in the fight against Covid-19 by providing healthcare workers with public protective equipment (PPE).

Kenyas are now asking the government to investigate with some seriousness into the KEMSA leadership in order to end the ever repeating scandals that are subjecting them into more debt and poor healthcare service provision.

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