Relationship: I have 3 men asking to marry me, who should I marry?

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Hello, my name is ### and I really need your advice please. I have about three boyfriends asking for my hand in marriage. I am really confused on what to do. I’m not sure who to go with and who to leave. Please advice, what can I do?

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What people say

Oghene Evelyn says: Don’t be in a hurry to choose, pray and God review to. Take names to different pastors to know the one that is best. Watch their character

Justin Onyiriuka says: Among the three which one do you see as husband material (good /matured character) who among them is mature because marriage is made for mature people. Remember maturity is not made up of age, height, size but ability to handling cases and achieve positive result. So pray and investigate the above qualities I mentioned. But Please over look riches and handsomeness if you don’t want to make mistakes. These are my humble advice, Thanks!

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Faith Lealusi Edooh says: First of all know what u want in a man.I’m not talking about the “tall, handsome, pocket fill ” know what u want and how u want ur relationship to go,and see who possess that which u desire for in marriage. Leave how much he is earning, check for mental maturity first.

Sunytex Eze says: List out the qualities iu need in a man and pray over it the one that posses those quality is ur husband coupled with what God will be reveal to you through your prayers mind you no one will possess all the quality you need because no human being is 100 percent perfect , but the atleast about 70 to 80 percent of what you need in a man good luck.

My take on this:

When selecting who to marry, both men and women must take into consideration the following factors:

  • Can you easily connect with that person you want to marry?
  • Do you share the same interest as the person that you want to marry?
  • Does your partner respect you?
  • How trustworthy is your partner?
  • Does he/she spend time with you?

These, among other factors should be seriously considered when selcting who to marry. For this woman’s case, I would advice that the she looks for the above factors and scrutinize the three men to come up with that one person that perfectly suits her.

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