Opinion: Why I like Ruto’s politics but hate his ideologies

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Deputy President William Samei Arap Ruto is a decent, would be easily loved by everyone. His social character portrays a man who reveres God and puts Him ahead of everything he does. William Ruto, in his public image is a clean man with few or no controversies, by the look of the eye. A man loved by many, and still hated by many. But why can a decent man like DP Ruto have so many haters, nearly half of a population? Well, that is can be better explained by those who hate this man with so much passion. Where do I lie as an individual, do I like or hate DP Ruto?

As an individual, I must admit that I like William Ruto’s ways of politics. Ruto is a politically smart guy with smart strategies that have many a time worked for him. How he has managed to overcome his split with President Uhuru, how he turned the woes into something that has highly benefited him, and how he has managed to bring so many founding parties under a new party that is barely a year old. That was smart and well done to the DP.

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Aside from his ways of politics, I really don’t subscribe to William Ruto’s ideologies. And I wouldn’t buy into them regardless of anything.

I totally dislike Ruto’s hustler narrative

Look at it this way, DP Ruto is a billionaire. A multi-billionaire in this case. Some of the lucrative businesses he owns include;

  • Kitengela Gas
  • Weston Hotel, Nairobi
  • Murumbi Farm – Transmara Narok
  • ADC Laikipia Mutara Ranch – 15000 acres
  • Dolphine Hotel, Mombasa
  • Mata Farm, Taita Taveta – 2537 acres
  • Private residence Elgon View
  • Koitalel poultry farm Eldoret
  • Private Residence in Kosachei Eldoret
  • Kwae Island Development Ltd – Wilson Airport (2 hangers and 5 helicopters)

So imagine here is a billionaire with us who wants us to believe he is going through the same kind of life that we as common mwananchi are going through. How would I be convinced to perceive myself as an economically equal to Ruto. It doesn’t add up and the DP should find another narrative to that would convince us. This one is a no for me.

Ruto stresses on corruption while his name is at the center of it all

Corruption in this country is at dangerous levels. According to a study that was conducted in 2021 by transparency.org, Kenya was ranked position 128th out 180 in corruption index. This is a worrying trend which all leaders should come together to stop. The deputy president however has been allegedly identified as one of the people that have contributed largely to the corruption in the country. It is alleged that DP Ruto has been involved in many corruption scandle including the Langata Primary School land grabbing, the Kenya Pipeline land scandal, the Moi Teaching an Refferal scandal, Arror and Kimwarer dam scandal among other corruption cases that have had the DP’s name mentioned. In this case, selling hope to us that Ruto will end corruption once he gets into office is a pure lie. Ruto should have first concentrated on making his name clean before he came to us looking for support.

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Ruto promises us jobs which him and President Uhuru failed to deliver

The DP has been a man of promises as usual. On 2012 and 2017 election campaigns, Ruto was the ambassador of sweet promises. Him and President Uhuru promised millions of jobs for youths which they have failed to deliver nine years later. The current promises are just a repetition of what they promised and failed to deliver, this would still be empty promises.

DP Ruto is therefore a decent man that needs some little character polishing and cleansing i order to be eligible to run this country. As of today, I don’t have any reason as to why I should elect him as president.

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