Opinion: It is time Kenyans embrace a Raila presidency

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It is a critical time in Kenyan politics. A time that politicians are grouping and regrouping, coming together and parting ways. It is that year of elections again.

With the presidential position being the most contested nationally, Kenyans have been majorly divided into two groups; those that support Raila Odinga (Baba), and those that support William Ruto. The debate in Kenya currently is who commands the largest crowds? Who will win the forthcoming August general election? Is it Raila or Ruto that will take this country up and steer it towards desired leadership?

Determining who currently rules in terms numbers is not easy. Politicians have been reported to carry supporters around in political rallies to insinuate that they have the numbers. Rally images have been tampered with to show that politicians have brought together large crowds. In a recent event, Dennis Itumbi, the UDA party communications director was in the limelight for sharing an image from a church gathering in Nigeria, in order to make Kenyans believe that the party is able to pull huge crowds.

Now to answer the bigger question, who is better placed to be president in this country? According to the voter registration statistics released by the IEBC, there were a total of 19.6 million registered voters in Kenya. After conducting a mass voter registration exercise, the commission has managed to register another 1.04 million voters. Out of these votes, a survey by Infotrak has placed Raila as the better man to win the 2022 general election.

Raila deserves to be president of this country. This man has really a solid plan for the future of this country. The fact that he has always won elections and rigged out, and still never gave up on this country makes him the man that we would all want to try and see the changes he has always wanted to impliment.

All signs currently indicate that Raila is the man, with fingers crossed, and hoping that he is not rigged out this time. William Ruto is an admirable young politician who still requires more time to study this country more and put in place better strategies that would ensure success once he is elected into office in future.

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