Men: How to get over a heartbreak

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It is that month of love again when we should all be talking about love romance and love again. A time when we should be addressing topics like, where to take your valentines out for a date, where to order flowers for your girlfriend or even suggest a playlist for couples that will be staying indoors on 14th. But let’s just address heartbreak for men.

Men are weak creatures who burn in the inside while looking so cool from the outside. If you asked most ladies today, they would quickly tell you men don’t hurt. Like, men are beings who would be broken today and move on so easily, which is not the case. Studies have indicated that men take 4 to 6 months to heal a heartbreak. But still all that would be misleading. I would say healing a hearbreak from someone you truly loved takes forever.

But as a man you just can’t stay in the past forever. You must wake, dust off and get going. Here are tips on how a man can slowly overcome a heartbreak.

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Talk to your friends

As a man, once you fall in love, do not cut your friends off because of a mere relationship, you will need those friends at one point in life. If things fail to work in your relationship, turn to your friends. Talk to them, go out with them and enjoy life. Be happy and hang around happy people. This will help you heal quite quick. It will help you forget your troubles and enjoy the sweetness of life.

Prioritize enough sleep

Enough sleep does not mean you leave everything you are doing and sleep around all the time. Just sleep, like any person. 7 to 9 hours would be enough. Just do not oversleep nor stay awake for too long. Enough sleep triggers relaxation of the mind.

Get a relaxing massage

Good massage reduces muscle tension, improves circulation and reduces the stress hormone. A broken heart needs all that for the body to function normally. Just go into parlour and get some good massage, you will walk out relaxed and with less stress.

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Go easy on alcohol

You don’t get heartbroken and go drinking all day, all night long. Alcohol can make you forget your troubles for some time but it is not the ultimate solution. Take some alcohol but not too much alcohol. You’ll just become a nuisance in return, a laughing stock for your ex girlfriend and society.

Be hopeful about your future

Being hurt and dumped is not the end of life. Some men would start thinking of how miserable their lives would be now that they are not with that girlfriend. Man, she is not your mother, neither is she your sister. So if she dumps you find someone better and replace her. You don’t have to hold onto someone with whom you have no future.

Do not hop into a new relationship

Just take your time and let it all heal. Jumping into a new relationship would land you directly into real fire. Relax and let nature take its cause. Staying single for some time won’t kill you.

After all is done and you are back into the normal you. Get up and go fishing again. You can be assured of a catch and you wont come home empty handed.

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