Kenyans tell off Hussein Mohamed after ‘annoying’ UDA press release

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Former Citizen TV news anchor, Hussein Mohamed has today been on the receiving of a section of Kenyans’ wrath.
Hussein, who is the current director for communications in the William Ruto presidential campaign got himself into trouble with Kenyans after releasing a statement which he termed as a “Response to Azimio reckless remarks”. In his statement, Hussein expressed his confidence in Ruto’s presidency in the forthcoming elections. He further pointed to the remarks of COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli terming them them as crude humor that should not be used in a country whose suicide cases are increasing by day.
“…to use suicide as humor in electioneering, at a national health function attended by the Health Cabinet Secretary and presided by the Head of State and consequently findin it funny, is a demonstration of how far these elite are from the realities and struggles of the Kenyan hustler.”
Some Kenyans on twitter have praised the boldness in Hussein while others criticised him. Below are some of the responses I sampled from KOT reactions and responses.

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RICHY@RichyBrayo·Replying to @HusseinMohamedgThis one doesn’t look like your handwriting Hussein.. Why is a person of your calibre allowing Itumbi to note write for you to post. So unfortunate!

·Uda has turned to be a letter writing party. Sudi must be regretting skipping High School where it was a thing to write letters

Carol Muga@calmuga·Replying to @HusseinMohamedgVery very unfortunate remarks by Atwoli and worse for a man his age. But while it is said that wisdom comes with age, it is evident that for some age comes alone

·Replying to @HusseinMohamedgWhere were you when Sudi abused mama Ngina, where were you when Duale was drunk with power telling people pesa si mama yako, where were you when your sugoi master was making fun of Atwoli’s wife?

Grace Chege@gracechege·Replying to @HusseinMohamedgIt’s shocking, that such a serious mental health issue as suicide, is considered a hilarious joke in a Presidential function. The lack of leadership in this country is astounding

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Josh Oluga@Josholuga·Replying to @HusseinMohamedgMy friend insults begets insults. When you call someone mtu wa vitendawili, mtu wa Nyororo expect them to do a rebuttal. The kind of words used now depends on how they felt offended.

HOOK@omollo_o·Replying to @HusseinMohamedgHope you do realize it was a state function and not an Azimio event .So unfortunate you are already showing signs of losing thinking and reasoning capacity,happens when you join Udaku

Cebe Pavlov@AmThePaul·Replying to @HusseinMohamedgYou have been turned into a Bongino before even earning your first salary at UDAKU?

Calvin Okoth@williamsonsok
·Replying to @HusseinMohamedgAnd this is the party that claims its ex-partner is curtailing their freedom of expression. Humor is a form of expression, not a crime/hatespeech worth creating a hullabaloo about. Its a right enshrined in the constitution you claim to be defenders of. Let Atwoli enjoy his right

Calvoh Wuod Okinyo@c_omondi4
·Replying to @HusseinMohamedgHehehe is this the same Hussein of yesterday? The leopard has finally removed it’s claws but in Kenya we say pavati is the enemy. Bora unga.

JM@johnmark254·Replying to @HusseinMohamedgParading Someone wife and calling someone mtu wa nyororo mzeee is also Reckless sir so when and where do you draw the line? @WilliamsRuto started it let him be bold and apologize

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