Gentlemen: 6 Signs that she no longer loves you

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Dating as a topic for discussion is complicated. No one is perfect in dating and sometimes we are caught up in relationships that deny us our happiness and well-being. In this case, I am talking about individuals that are not yet married because they are in a position to get themselves a better partner and get rid of toxic relationships.

Let’s agree that everyone has come across that stage in their dating when they do not understand whether their partner is still interested in them or not. Some people are afraid of telling their partners that they are no longer interested in them and hence they behave in ways that only if someone is clever, they could read the signs. But others face their partners and say ‘look I don’t know whether I still love you.’ I know it’s heartbreaking but do not let that lower your self-esteem. Instead, be brave enough to accept it because there is your type outside there.

Now if a girl doesn’t dare to face you and say that she no longer loves you, these are some of the signs that she might show.

1.      When she makes you feel like you are never enough.

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If there is one important thing in a relationship is knowing your worth and letting no one play around with your dignity. Some men will try so hard to make a woman happy but in turn, if she doesn’t love you anymore, she will start showing you that the things you do for her don’t matter anymore. She might also stop appreciating the things you do for and start acting unbothered. Do not tolerate such a girl.

2.      She is not making any effort to make things work.

A relationship is one thing that requires efforts from each one of you and it should not be from one person. It is about the two of you and not one of you so both of you should be obligated to making things work. If she looks like she doesn’t care, walk away lad.

3.      If you don’t see any future with her

Having a future is always one of the goals in a relationship there comes a time when you picture yourself in the future with your partner and that a healthy sign that the two of you might have a chance. However, if a sign that you should move away if you don’t see yourself having a future with that person.

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4.      She criticizes you for every little mistake

Man is to error and no one is perfect. You should never strain yourself to look perfect by doing things that you are not capable of doing only to make her happy. If she is demanding perfection, then she is draining you. You need to walk away because she might also be finding a way to make you leave her also.

5.      Too much lying

It is rare for someone who loves you to lie to you but it can only happen when this person wants to positively bring something out of it. If she is always lying whenever you question her, then that is not a good reason as to why you should stay together.

6.      When she constantly talks about other men

A girl who is still interested in you will never make a mistake of talking about other men when the two of you are together. For example, if she is constantly talking about how she finds another guy handsome, it could mean than you are not enough or to her, you are not handsome. You should never waste your time trying to force yourself into someone who cannot see your worth and appreciate you.

A relationship, after all, is supposed to make you happy and have a positive impact on your daily life. However, if you are struggling to make yourself happy or she doesn’t care about your well-being, find yourself another person. There are a lot of people who can appreciate you and make you feel better. Make a better choice.

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