Internet security: How to ensure you are safe online

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Internet insecurity has become a major challenge in Kenya and the whole world at large. Several cases of cyber insecurity have been recorded where extreme ones have led to people losing property and others lives. Some of the main types of online insecurity include hacking, fake news sharing on social media, piracy, online stalking, and malicious software among others. These attacks can however be avoided or controlled using simple methods. Some of the ways a person can ensure he/she is safe online includes;

Using strong passwords

Attackers and hackers will easily access your online account information if you use simple and predictable passwords. Passwords such as your date of birth, your country code, some default passwords such as welcome123 among other simple and predictable passwords. In order to ensure you are secure online, one has to ensure that their passwords are not easy and predictable by other people.

Be careful on what you download from the internet

There are a lot of software and mobile applications online. Some are genuine while others are not. When downloading an application from the internet, one has to check if the source of the app is a legitimate one. If the app is not from Google Play or any other approved sites, do not download the app. Some apps will be installed in your phone and act as a spy. They would be sending information to the owner who would later use it against you in what would be termed as blackmail.

Make sure your internet connection is secure

In order to ensure you are safe online, just avoid using public internet. Some public networks are a trap so that when you use them the owner is able to access your information including passwords and other critical information that would be used against you somewhere. Therefore all internet users should ensure that the internet they are suing is secure.

Protect your computer with security software

Security software such as Kaspersky can be used by internet users to determine if the site or application they are trying to access is secure. The software checks for insecurity and sends a warning if the site you are trying to access is secure or not.

Buy goods from secure sites and verified ones only

When buying commodities online, you may come across several sites that are selling the same commodity you want. Some sites sell at standard prices while others are overpriced. Some sites even offer commodities that they do not have so that when you order from them and pay, they get lost with your money. As an online buyer, all you need to ensure is check on verification of the site you want to buy from, check their reviews and ensure they are totally safe to buy from in order to secure your money.

Keep personal information professional and limited

As an online user, you don’t have to share all your information concerning your family, relationship, your children and work place in order for people to identify you. All you need to is share limited information about your profession and how people can get in touch with you. Sharing too much information online can lead to attackers collecting as much information which would ease their attack.

Be careful who you meet from the internet

The internet has brought together several people, some of who never knew about each other before. Strangers have become friends and companions through the internet. However, the same internet has led other people to traps where they meet with people who end up abducting them, stealing from them and even killing them. Online users need to be very wary of who they meet.

Be careful what you post on the internet

As per the popular saying ‘the internet never forgets’. Many have landed in trouble and others failing to secure job opportunities because of what they said or posted on the internet some time back. Internet users should be very careful with the images, videos or articles they share as they would be used against them.

If every online user adhered to these simple guidelines and other technical ones, the internet would be a safe place. Organizations and even countries should also partner in order to ensure that hackers have minimum potential of accessing user information. If all this is achieved, the internet user experience would be at its best.