Behaviors you should never tolerate in a relationship

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We all want to be in that healthy relationship. A relationship that is communicative. A relationship where both your partner and you sit down and address issues openly and with the maturity they deserve.And a relationship which respects everyone’s opinion. This is what everyone of us wants.

However some partners may possess strange behaviors which in my own opinion should not be tolerated. Such behaviors include;

Physical abuse.

If your partner gets somehow physical at the slightest mistake, then he/she is capable of getting very physical and may end up injuring you for a mistake that would have been simply solved through word of mouth. If your partner is always physical, consider getting out of that relationship, its for your own good and safety.

Body shaming.

Your partner should be the first person to appreciate everything about you. They have a responsibility of complimenting you ahead of everyone else. If he/she keeps complimenting people outside there but never compliments you, that is a bad signal. If your partner keeps comparing you with other people, telling you how badly you compare to their body shape and size, that is a sign of a toxic relationship. Get out of it and focus on your life.

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Negative attitude.

We are all doing at least one or two things with our lives which we feel are really important.When doing this, what we need is positive criticism so that we can keep going and even get better with time. If you have this kind of partner who looks at what you are doing and makes you feel like whatever you are doing is pure trash, run out of that relationship!

Emotional abuse.

An emotional abuser’s goal is to undermine another person’s feelings of self-worth and independence. Emotional abuse involves a person acting in a way to control, isolate, or scare somebody else. If your partner tries to degrade you emotionally, walk away from that toxic relationship.

Your physical and mental health is much more important than that relationship you are trying to protect. Be careful who you fall in love with and make sure the relationship is balanced to achieve maximum satisfaction for all.

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