7 little things that really matter in life

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Several things in this life really matter. Both big and small, positive acts from a fellow human makes the world a better place. Some of the little things include:

Apologize if you hurt someone.

It is human nature to get upset or upset someone. Several times we have offended people with our words and actions. Several times in this life, people have offended us. Some of us are so mean, we offend someone and just walk away assuming its normal and that the person will get over it anyway. It is noble if we apologize and say sorry if we offend someone. Apologizing wont make you look weak.

Appreciate / be thankful.

We must learn to appreciate what others do for us. If I give you, say a present, and you just assume its my responsibility to do so and do not appreciate, I may never think of getting you another gift again. It feels good when your effort is appreciated.

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Do not disrespect anything that means a lot to someone else.

Just do not disrespect. If you feel like something does not feel good for you, but know that the same thing means everything to someone else, don’t disrespect it. It is better if you avoid than showing how much you hate it.

Believe in other people.

Do not be that type of human who always questions other people’s abilities. Stay positive and believe when someone tells you they can do something. Support them rather than trying to prove that they can’t do it.

Help someone.

If a person comes to you and genuinely asks for help, help them. We live in a world full of con men and women, and its hard to differentiate who genuinely needs help and who is faking it. Just help as much as you can.

Respect other people’s objects that hold significance to them.

It can be a teddy bear, a toy or a specific photo. It holds significance. Don’t mishandle that. People have precious memories attached to objects. It might hold zero significance to you but mean everything to them.

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Be kind to self.

Above all, be KIND TO YOURSELF. You can do all these positive things but trust me, if you are not kind to yourself, it will all end in vanity.