8 signs your partner is losing interest in you

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Romantic relationships are a fragile commodity that often calls for careful handling. When two people come together as lovers, a lot is expected of them – both from the surrounding society and their inner selves. However, these romantic relationships are surrounded by a whole lot of challenges which include, but are not limited to; cheating, distance as a barrier and love diminishing as days move by. When you are in love, watch out for the following in your partner to see if the two of you are proceeding well or things are slowly taking a wrong turn.

  1. Your partner stops communicating with you.

Not communicating is not normal in a relationship. Most people assume that their partners are not having conversations with them because they are busy. Your partner can be very busy and still spare two to three minutes to inquire about how you are doing. If he or she doesn’t check on you for a consecutive three days and you still think they are busy, you are only sleeping waiting to be awaken by a heartbreak.

Communication is what gives life to relationship. A relationship with less or NO frequent conversation is as good as dead. Hear from your partner. Call them and let them call you. Exchange those little ‘stupid’ conversations. That way you can say your relationship is healthy.

  1. Romance is diminishing.

When you two met, love was in the air. You used to go out and have fun. You used to romance regularly. You used to cuddle often. You used to do things. And you even made love frequently. Two years later, cuddling is now a thing of the past. Going out together is a taboo. And having frequent sex is for the newly in love!

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This is absolutely not normal. You used to do all this and right now you are doing almost nothing? Love is dying. There is no more affection in this relationship.

  1. Your partner is not responding to your texts or calls.

WhatsApp blue ticks are so rampant this days. You text someone today and they reply after two months. Crazy! If you text your partner and he/she reads the text but does not respond, give them some more grace period. If they still don’t reply after 24 hours, begin to worry.

You partner could read your message when they are busy, or they could read your message then get out of the internet zone or rather run out of data bundles. But if they really care, they will find a way of making it up to you afterwards. If they don’t respond at all, assess the state of your relationship again.

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  1. Your partner has stopped making an effort with your friends or family.

When we all fall in love, it is an obvious thing that your partner will bond and reason with your family and friends. Most people actually build really good relations with their partners’ friends. You will definitely know things are not okay if your partner no longer cares about your friends and family. You will know things are not okay if you tell them about your friends and he/she doesnt care.

If your partner was one who liked to go out with your friends, went with you to visit your parents and now he/she stops, then that is a very big sign of things not going well.

  1. Your partner is easily annoyed.
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When newly in love, we all perceive things from the positive. All ‘bad’ things that could be done at this time is taken for a silly joke. As days move by, the silly jokes stop being jokes. Any time you try to joke to your girl/boyfriend they are easily offended. Some of them actually get annoyed for things that would not be annoying in the first place.

If your girl/boyfriend becomes ever moody, up to a point you don’t understand what to tell them and what not to, that is a sign!

  1. They try to make you feel worthless.

Some people are actually so inhuman they would outright make you feel like you are not worth it before their eyes. Such behavior in a relationship cannot be hidden. You can really feel worthless. Your partner’s actions can tell you that you are not worth it.

If your partner keeps telling you things like;

  • “You’re hysterical.” 
  • “That’s a dumb and terrible idea.” 
  • “I hate you.”
  • “You’re not sexy.” 
  • “I’ll leave you if.” 
  • “Look at her, she’s sexy, and you’re not, you should be like her.”
  • “You’re always messing up.” 
  • “You’re an idiot.”
  • “You don’t do anything. I do it all.” 

then you know he/she is on the loose to make you feel worthless.

  1. He/She isn’t initiating plans anymore.

When you and your partner met, you had this big plans of doing several things together. Maybe you wanted to start a business which would sustain both of you once you move in together. Maybe all along you have been planning of shifting houses and moving in. Or maybe you two had a plan of meeting your partner’s family.

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Things might change on the way and your partner stops telling you about your visit to their family. Your partner may ignore your joint business plan and start his/her own business outside there. They might start making plans with friends, plans which you are not involved. This should never be taken for granted. It is a sign!

  1. The relationship is all about sex.

Sex is totally important in a relationship and it is your absolute right to do it. But imagine a situation where your relationship is all about sex. Sex and nothing else.Well, should we even call that a relationship?

A good relationship should be all inclusive. Sex is one thing and some pillow talk is another. If your partner doesn’t want to have a safe, loving, genuine connection and communication while cuddling, then things are at stake.

If your once good partner starts to display some of this strange characters, go back to the drawing board and see if love really exists. If there is no love, walk away because you really deserve better.