Why she is ignoring you

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Why she is ignoring you

Some of you guys keep complaining all the time about how she ignored you and it broke you so bad. Some of you resolve to doing crazy things after she turns you down. Maybe you think it is the end of life, or sometimes you think no woman will ever be there for you. I have seen men give up on relationships, never to give it a try again after one or two of their targets hit a dead end. It is really sad yes, but is it sad enough to let us give up on relationships?

No. The truth of the matter right now is that everyone needs somebody. You wouldn’t survive in this world on your own. Family is an essential unit but there is life outside family. Life ‘bigger than family’. Everyone who knows life knows love, so every step you take about relationships should be well thought of before it is actualised.

I have listened to men speak about how they tried and failed, or even worse failed terribly in their attempt on relationship. One thing I have learnt with all these men that I interacted with is that, most of them are really impatient and they are so quick at giving up. Now, should giving up easily be the reason why you and your potential life partner never got together?

It shouldn’t!

So before you give up, read these tips and tricks so you can understand why she isn’t falling for you that easily and quickly;

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One reason that girl you are after is ignoring you would be, that she is playing mind games. She would be ignoring, signalling you to get up and chase her. Most of these girls want men to go after them like crazy. They just want to see you make an effort and take that effort a notch higher. Speaking to them on WhatsApp, calling them on phone or hooking up once in a while would be what is holding back your breakthrough. Get up and chase that girl bro. Meet her randomly and frequently, show how much interest you have in her, hang out, make her feel really wanted. Make her feel you are the only man who wholly deserves her. Give it some weeks and observe if there would be any changes. If the ignominy continues for weeks and months, chances are she isn’t playing games so just wake up and fight another fight. She is practically not into you.

Another reason would be that maybe she is not ready to commit at the time you approach them. Every one of us has mood swings from time to time. Sometimes you wish for something badly and sometimes you just hate that very thing. A lady would be ignoring you because she is not ready to settle in any relationship yet. Reason would be that she maybe has had a terrible experience with relationships not long ago, or it would just other challenges about this life. As a man, all you need to do is observe your target woman carefully in order to see some of this signs. The best thing you can do at this point is to give ‘your woman’ time so her scars can heal. Give it enough time but don’t wait forever.

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She would be weighing between you and another man in her life before she makes her decision on who to commit on. Every woman has a large circle of male friends in their lives. When you approach her, one thing that you need to be assured is that you are not the first, and neither will you be the last. If you approached this woman and she put your proposal pending and she still remains in touch with you, there is a high possibility she is comparing who is better between you and someone else who is in her life. In this case, all you need to do is play cool. Be the best guy to her. Convince her you are the one she deserves. Make her fall for you. It will take some time but not too long before you get that promotion to being the main guy.

Maybe you took too long. Some men think not showing interest in women is a plus on ‘gangster points’. This technique of buying time sometimes works but, doesn’t work most of the time. If a girl is into you and you are too are into her, just shoot your shot. Waiting for a better chance in future would only make things boring. Girls are not good at waiting. If she gave you a chance and the best thing you did was to show how disinterested you are, be sure to be turned down when you develop interest. Just stop wasting time, be a man and go get what you want. Buying time won’t buy you anything.

She would be going through issues in her life that requires self-actualisation and focus on her personal life. When she turns you down, be careful to study the reason without even her explaining it to you. If by any chance you notice some strange behaviour, some of which would relate to depression, be good enough to be help. Put your needs aside and walk her through this difficult period. You can be assured of a smile at the end of the journey.

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