Liberia undergraduate students to study for free

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No tuition fees for Lyberia’s undergraduate students.

The president of Lyberia, George Weah yesterday made an official announcement concerning university tuition fees payment for all undergraduate students in all public universities in Lyberia. The president through a statement said that all undergraduate students will not pay any tuition fees throught their learning process.

Today, I’m excited to announce that I have declared the University of Liberia and all other Public Universities in Liberia tuition free for all undergraduates.”

This move by the president will ensure that everyone, the rich and the poor undergraduate students who join public universities do not pay a single penny for their studies.

Critics have however come out strong to condemn this move by the president claiming that it is illogic and that this can only apply to pre-school education and not university education.

Cosmos Chukwuemeka Akisi I don’t think it is sustainable sir. This is not primary or secondary school wherein free education for all can be sustained. Methink there can be subsidy for university education. That can be sustainable not free education. Aside paying the salaries of academic and non academic staff, you have to fund researches, go for conferences, workshops and hold inaugural lectures and all. That’s like scratching the surface of everything the University stand for. How do you sustain all these? Mr. President, I want to believe you have thought this through and you have consulted widely with all the relevant stakeholders before coming to this decision. You have the interest of your people at heart unlike political leaders in my country who are thinking of how to enrich themselves with public funds. Ask yourself if it is sustainable. God bless you President George Weah.”

Regardless of this criticism, Lyberia’s undergraduate programme stands at totally free of any tuition fee.

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